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What are the considerations for grey marble stone selection?

Grey marble stone is mainly used in the field of architectural decoration.Compared with other decorative materials,the biggest feature is that gray marble flooring is a natural mineral,its unique decoration in terms of color, texture, line and hardness. In addition to the type and color of the white and brown marble, the price, quality and durability of the marble natural stone are also major considerations:

First, the price: marble tile pattern is a natural ore. Due to differences in quality, quantity, mining area and processing technology, there are significant differences in the price of different grades of red marble flooring. This requires owners and designers to choose the right 4x12 marble tile for the project budget. To do this, you should have a good understanding of the price of the cheap marble slabs stone. Today, most color marble stone company in China have gone astray: high-priced stone is a good marble source, or imported original marble is better than domestic marble tile pieces.

Of course, it should be affirmed that the imported blue diamonds, Indian red and other beautiful marble tiles have unique decorative features and have irreplaceable decorative effects. But we should also see: Dahua Green, Baoxing White, Black and White Pine, Hang Street, Yixing Coffee, China Black and Fengzhen Black and other domestic grey brown marble no more than imported big green, Brazilian white, black and white pine, brown net grain and black stone The quality of stone is poor, and even some varieties are better than imported products.

If we compare the prices of these varieties, it is not difficult to see that the imported products are 3 to 5 times that of domestic similar products. So our consumers do not choose these low-cost domestic stone? As a real estate developer, we feel that the domestic stone enterprises have not yet formed an influential brand, and the Chinese still blindly worship foreign stone.

Second, master the quality of stone

  1. Color. In addition to avoiding grey marble stone with more pronounced chromatic aberrations, the use of gray marble flooring should also be avoided.

2. The composition of the white and brown marble stone composition. First, avoid using stone that contains too high levels of iron sulfide, salt, carbon, clay, etc. Second, avoid using stone and thermal minerals that contain excessively high expansion coefficients.

Third, age and durability

Stone has a high status in decorative materials and has irreplaceable decorative properties. It is usually used for the "facade" of a building, so the owner wants the stone and the building to have the same vitality. Stones with good durability not only ensure the aesthetics of the building, but also extend the renovation period of the building. Therefore, when stone is used as the decorative material for the exterior wall and the ground as well as the hall, the following aspects must be studied for the stone:

1. Physical properties Stone must be able to withstand damage including gravity, wind, vibration, temperature changes, wear, load and many other external forces. This requires high-strength stones, especially those that are installed in high places.

2. Chemical properties Stones must have considerable resistance to chemical attack such as weathering, hydration, dissolution, dehydration, acidification, reduction and carbonate. To do this, the stone must be waterproof.

3. Structural strength When selecting directional materials such as slate and shale, attention must be paid to the structural strength in different directions.

4. Water absorption rate The molecular structure of the ore is relatively stable during mining, but when exposed to the atmosphere, the coordination between the minerals inside the grey marble stone is poor, such as limestone encountering acid (sulfurous reaction) gas and water dissolved in the air) The formation of calcium sulfate causes collapse of sandstone and the like. Therefore, when selecting gray marble flooring materials,white and brown marble materials with uniform pore size distribution, small pore size and low water absorption rate should be selected.



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