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Why marble tile trim and white marble granite need waterproof?How to measure the gloss of types of marble countertops?

Measuring the polishing effect of marble tile trim stone, the visual experience is the most real.However,the application of cheap marble countertops to the entire white marble granite decorative environment,the visual experience that people bring can sometimes not be completely explained by the gloss,but also pay attention to the visual overall sense.

So accurate measurement is a must, after all, the color and clarity of the types of marble countertops have a great relationship with the polished and polished gloss of the green marble countertops. In general, the higher the gloss of the stone, the finer the surface is optimized.

Ground requirements: The measurement of gloss is calculated by the formula using the 60-degree reflection of light. Therefore, there is a requirement for the reflection effect on the ground during measurement. The ground must be clean and dry before measurement, and there is no pollution such as water and dust.

The surface gloss test of the uses of marble plate with the specification larger than (600×600)mm can be applied to the nine-point test method, that is, three measuring points around the periphery and one measuring point in the center. Add the values and take the average.

This test method is based on the fact that natural faux marble floor is a material with a non-uniform distribution of minerals. The same piece of plate, the gloss of different areas, there is also a clear difference. Therefore, it is estimated that it is an average value.

In short, gloss is an important parameter to measure the quality of pink and white marble maintenance. It is worthy of our attention, but it must be more objective. With the advancement of stone care technology in China, our aesthetic level of stone is also increasing. For example, some newly developed stone varieties are really difficult to produce high light, but the decorative effect is absolutely unbeatable.

As we all know,red and white marble is a natural product that contains various natural chemicals inside. As long as the chemical properties of these natural chemicals are activated under certain conditions, they may be activated to decompose or chemically change to damage the surface of the marble countertop colors, which greatly affects the decorative effect of the stone.

In addition, the stone is also very susceptible to contamination by external materials. If the surface is not properly protected, the external dirt is extremely easy to invade the outer surface and interior of the honed marble countertops, making the stone ugly, thereby greatly reducing the ornamental value of the stone. And decorative effects.



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