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Identification of low quality marble wall tiles and marble granite countertops,Ji Yuan Stone supply different types high quality marble and granite countertops

Inferior marble granite countertops and brown marble countertops are mainly expressed in the following aspects:

1) The surface of marble and granite countertops pattern is not beautiful

     The surface of the high-quality green marble tile has a beautiful and elegant color, which makes the decorative surface have a strong decorative effect. However, the quality of the marble wall tiles after processing is not beautiful, and it can not give people a beautiful enjoyment. Therefore, the surface tone of the cheap marble tile is the main indicator for evaluating the quality of the marble countertops prices.

2) The quality of the processed sheet is poor.

     pink marble tile will leave some defects on the surface appearance during the processing. If these appearance defects are beyond the scope of national standards,brown marble tile is a non-conforming product. With these poor quality marble floor design with poor appearance, the overall effect will be very poor. Therefore, in judging the quality of the stone, in addition to considering the color of the pattern, the appearance quality must also be checked.

3) The deviation of the size of the specification is large

     The decorative discount marble tile is processed into a sheet, and is constructed by using a tile or a collage method. If the plate with a large deviation of the specification size is laid, the surface will be uneven and the seams will be uneven. Especially for the decoration of the facade, the line shape of the decorative surface will be irregular, which will affect the overall decorative effect. Therefore, the deviation of the size of the specification will directly affect the decorative effect of the blue marble tile.

4) poor physical and chemical performance indicators

     The inferior red marble tile has poor compressive strength, flexural strength, wear resistance, durability, hardness, etc., and cannot guarantee the durability of the stone.



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