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What is the reason for white thassos marble tile to sell so expensive? Do you know the 16 production processes?

Natural white thassos marble tile has been developed from mining to decorating the walls of your home, but it has experienced a lot of hardships. Some are still across the ocean, and they are shipped back from abroad. It is not a good gift to cherish the use of nature thassos marble slab.Today, let us open our eyes together to witness the miracle moment.... From a large white marble tile to a bright and beautiful plate, it turns into a beautiful look like a dragonfly.

The processing of the block material first needs to cut the block material into a large plate of the specified specifications according to the customer's processing technology requirements.At this time, the marble frame saw came in handy.After polishing, it becomes a bright slab. Before polishing, it has to go through the steps of brushing glue and glue. Polishing is the most complicated process in marble processing. Only when the decorative plate is polished or polished, its inherent color, pattern and gloss can be fully displayed to achieve the best decorative effect of white marble tile?

In order to facilitate the sample of white thassos marble tile delivery and the needs of a variety of customers, large samples also require further cutting.Under the coordinated processing of the machine, the huge thassos marble slab is cut into small pieces. Some of them are used to splicing patterns and patterns that designers don't think of; some will be polished by humans and machines to look like designers need.According to the type and texture of the stone, the corresponding stone splicing, numbering.

Often, many designers like to choose white thassos marble tile to design. Stitching the white marble tile with the grain to achieve a different effect.1. The packaging is made according to the export wooden box. 2, placed and moved carefully and meticulously. 3. Face to face emissions. The middle is separated by styrofoam/foam/plastic to avoid surface damage. 4, the wooden box of thassos marble slab should be strong; the wooden box should be firm.



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