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How to enhance the waterproof of white gray marble?Ji Yuan Stone supply various marble tile colors and marble slab colors

During the installation process,the white gray marble stone must ensure the true natural marble tile colors of the surface,not pollute,and also have certain waterproof measures.Currently, there are three methods for installing marble slab colors stone seals:

1. The air seam does not add sealant, and air convection is formed on the back side of the marble stone colors, and the water vapor is discharged to the outside to prevent the temperature difference on the stone surface from causing the inner surface of the different colors of marble stone to not condense water.

2, half-seal sealing type is to maintain the façade in the position of no sealant, the façade has a very good three-dimensional sense, in fact, the rubber layer is hidden inside the node, but the thickness of the sealant should be guaranteed to be about 6mm, but The width cannot be exceeded, and the width should be determined according to the quality of the glue.

3, with neutral sealing silicone glue, it is a special glue for marble natural stone, the seam of the facade is completely sealed, the rain of the facade can not enter the back of the buy marble flooring stone, so that the turkish marble tile is in a dry state, except for rain and snow, ensuring The flexural strength and shear strength of the stone are unchanged. It is necessary to ensure that the marble stone flooring stone does not freeze, is not alkalized, and ensures the permanentness of the project.

In addition, when sealing best marble for flooring stone, there must be a sense that although the stone can not breathe like a human, it also needs to be "breathable" to ensure that the bacteria in the grey marble stone survive and proliferate. Many measures are carried out around the two points when sealing.

Although the white marble colors can't breathe like a human, it also needs to be "breathable". The carrera marble stone is composed of various crystals, and the crystal is composed of various minerals. The crystal structure formed by these minerals determines that the type of white and brown marble stone is marble. It is still limestone, or granite, and the moisture inside the gray marble flooring stone needs to be evaporated to the outside through the gap.

Matters needing attention when using waterproofing agent

Read carefully the instructions for use of the selected water repellent, the operation method and the matters needing attention during operation.

2, pay attention to choose the waterproof agent corresponding to the surface form of the white gray marble stone, do not use it randomly. When the front and back of the marble slab colors are different in the type of waterproofing agent selected, it should be more careful not to mix and use to avoid the final impact of the waterproof effect, which is time-consuming and laborious, and laborless.

3, the ideal working temperature of waterproofing agent is 5 ~ 25 ~ C, therefore, work should avoid direct sunlight, moisture-proof until the waterproofing agent is completely hardened, and penetrate deep into the marble tile colors interior.

4. Select the appropriate number of water repellent treatments according to the penetration of the waterproofing agent. When the last waterproofing agent is brushed, the residual liquid on the gray marble flooring stone surface should be erased after 10 to 30 minutes.

5. The waterproofing agent should be stored in a place that children and others cannot reach.

6. Before brushing the waterproofing agent, the surface to be treated with water-repellent treatment should be clean and dry. If the conditions permit, the dolomite marble tile that needs to be treated with water can be exposed to sunlight for a few hours.

White gray marble that need to be treated with water should be free of any coating (such as marble slab colors processing surfaces that cannot be polished with polishing wax and polishing oil and other marble tile colors surface treatment agents), which is quite important. In case of rainy weather, the surface of the marble granite slabs can be baked with a liquefied gas baking gun or a sun light.



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