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How to identify the appearance quality of white marble slab?You can get marble and tiles from purchasestone

White marble slab is a high-grade decorative material that must be carefully purchased to avoid wasting money.The slightly experienced white and gray marble industry personnel know that marble and tiles as a natural material,affected by the earth's special and chemical changes,coupled with many factors such as mining and processing, the quality of the same kind of marble and stone is quite different, relative to other For traditional industry products, on-site assessment is very important. The quality of the crema marfil marble appearance can be determined from the following items.

(1) Determine the polished marble tiles of the pattern

In a well-lit condition, place the selected plate and the same batch of other italian marble tiles to be placed on the ground at the same time, and carefully observe them 1.5 m away from them. The pattern of the same batch of carrara marble countertops is required to be basically blended.

(2) Check surface defects

Under the condition of sufficient light, the plate is placed flat on the ground, and the invisible defect is observed at a distance of 1 m from the carrera marble countertops. It is considered that there is no defect; the defect that is visible at 1.5 m from the plate and not obvious at 1.5 m is none. Obvious defects; defects that are apparently seen at 1.5 m from the sheet are considered defective.

The specific observed defects are sheet warping; there are cracks, blisters, discolored spots, stains and dents on the surface of the board. If it is determined that the following defects are not available, then the sheet is superior, and the front side of the sheet is not allowed to have missing corner defects; if the above defects are not obvious and there is no obvious missing corner, then the board can be considered as a grade. If there are some defects that do not affect the use, and the front side of the sheet is only 1m long and not more than 8mm, the width is not more than 3mm, the rib is missing or the length and width are not more than 3mm, then the board can be judged as a marble tiles for sale

(3) View mark

The order of white marble flooring is: naming, classification, size, grade, standard

The order of the marble plates is: the name of the place where the material is produced, the name of the tonal feature, and the marble (code M).



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