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Identify processed secondary natural sunset gold granite methods

Since sunset gold granite is a naturally occurring substance,yellow granite tiles has many inevitable defects,and the defective new sunset gold granite products are unacceptable to customers, and many factories cause huge waste and loss. And we do the g682 granite export often receive the help of the factory to deal with these secondary products, of course, the price is relatively cheap. However, we often encounter this situation, that is, some 682 granite factories will sell these sub-products as a first-class product (A-grade products) to customers.

In general, the main methods for yellow granite factories to process inferior sunset golden granite into first-class golden cosmos granite are:

1. Use wax to repair sunset gold granite with holes in the board (especially granite)

This is very unsafe. The correct way to do this is not the wax but the epoxy resin that is the same or similar to the rusty yellow granite surface. Use wax to repair the hole. Once the wax falls in the middle or the wax is melted due to the sun exposure and the high temperature environment enclosed in the container or fumigation, the hole will still appear. The board was very good when the goods were inspected. However, there was a hole in the board of the customer.

How do you tell the rustic yellow granite that has been repaired with wax?

At this time, just pay attention to some unnatural crystals (crystal grains) on the granite pavers board surface, which are often paraffin-embellished.

2. Increase the gloss of the granite gold by oiling, waxing, and filming because the polishing degree is not up to standard.

Due to their own processing technology or cost considerations, some yellow granite countertops processing plants have not polished the g682 stone to meet the contract standard or the required gloss, so the glazing oil, or waxing, and the coating film are used to increase the sunset gold granite tile board. The gloss of the surface is such that it meets the luminosity required by the contract (generally above 90 degrees). This is also very bad, like oiling and waxing, it may not be ready until the installation (or the installation process), but the coating is better, but once the layer of light is worn away The same is also revealed, for some orders with delivery time is quite dangerous, may be both money and goods.

How do you tell which are the added yellow granite colors products?

Generally, the glazing yellow granite paving slabs products generally have oily feeling on the back and sides, and even oil spots; the gold granite surface of the wax is also somewhat different. You can use a match or a fire to bake the board. If there is waxing, It will be copied out to reveal the original face of the new sunset gold granite; as for the g682 chinese granite of the glazing film, although the degree is very high, the strength of the film is generally not good, it is easy to be worn, and the scratch can be seen on the light.

3. Treatment of sputum such as black urchin and stain

For the black and white spots of new sunset gold granite, etc., it is generally treated with strong oxidants, which is the same in most factories. However, there are differences between good quality factories and poor quality factory processing. A good quality plant will be treated after rough grinding, then rinsed off without leaving a trace of oxidant residue, and then finely ground. The factory with poor quality control is first polished, and when the inspection is carried out, the yellow granite tiles with defects such as black swatches is picked out, and the strong oxidant is applied on site, and the sunset gold granite plate can be disposed of on the spot. Basically will be accepted by the quality inspection. In fact, this is also problematic. First, the treated sheet is damaged by strong acid or alkali, and the surface of the sheet is damaged and the gloss is lowered. Secondly, the on-site washing of strong oxidizing agents has to be rushed to pack, which will cause the washing of strong acid or strong alkali on the yellow granite stone plates to be unclean, and the residual strong oxidants will continue to undergo oxidation reaction, causing problems such as chromatic aberration and whitening to damage the surface. And because of the water being washed, these strong oxidants will flow to other places and cause secondary pollution, and the pollution range is often much larger than the place where they are applied.

How do you deal with the treatment of beige granite stone with black urchin and stains?

For this problem, we should check the goods when the time is relatively good. If there is any stain or color, it must be cleaned and then sent for polishing.

4. Dye the color difference yellow granite kitchen or use other gold granite colors to dye instead.

For dyed golden beach granite, you first need to be recognized by the customer. Do not use your own dyed desert gold granite to pretend to be a first-class product. For even the dyed golden yellow granite, the table color should be uniform, the color fastness should be good, and the color should not fade.

So how do you identify dyed galaxy yellow granite?

The color of the dyed yellow granite tiles surface will be more beautiful and unnatural. If we break the sheet, we will see the level of dye penetration at the fracture of the sheet. There are also natural sunset gold granite that can be dyed. Their new sunset gold granite quality is not good. They are some golden sunset granite with high porosity and high water absorption rate (this will affect the physical and technical properties of yellow fantasy granite, and it is easy to cause accidents). Generally, it can be used by tapping. It can be discerned that the sound of the dense gold granite countertops knocking down is relatively crisp, and the sound of the loose misty yellow granite is rather dull. There is also the same kind of natural golden sand granite. After dyeing, the gloss is lower than that of the summer yellow granite without dyeing.



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