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Stone wall panels introduction and its characteristics

Speaking of stone wall panels,it may not be known to everyone,but in fact,exterior stone wall cladding can be seen everywhere in our lives, like indoors, buildings, landscapes, and large parks with exterior stone cladding panels decoration.

stone veneer panels is a kind of interior decoration material, and different designs will have different aesthetics. The stacked stone veneer wall cladding itself is rich in color, natural texture, rough texture, very light and very safe and reliable, because the shape is elegant, so people call it cultural stone. It is a kind of mentality that people pursue to return to nature and return to nature. In design, this mentality is understood by designers as a culture of life.

Exterior stone wall cladding originated in the United States in the 1950s. Due to its rich cultural characteristics, it changed thousands of times. In the 1990s, due to high prices, market share and public recognition were not very high. The addition of the designer's unique accomplishments makes the exterior stone cladding panels gradually become one of the decorative materials, and also makes the stone wall panels enhance the cultural heritage and natural atmosphere of the interior decoration.

Natural culture stone, a stone deposit mined in nature, natural stone has been processed into a decorative building material. It has the characteristics of bright color, clear texture and hard material.The artificial culture stone is made of ordinary gypsum to imitate the texture of natural stone. The artificial culture stone has the characteristics of light texture, rich color, mildew, non-combustible and easy to install.

The durability of natural exterior stone wall cladding is limited by the texture of stone, and it is difficult to splicing. Artificial exterior stone cladding panels is very rich in color, and the installation is convenient, and the quality and style are limited.As the stone gradually enters people's sight, the stone industry continues to develop, and the stone wall panels gradually occupies a certain market in the decoration industry. The decoration of the interior with cultural stone reflects the essence of Chinese culture and also reflects the beauty of art.It is a good choice to decorate the interior with cultural stone.



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