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Causes of damage to the stone and marble floor,We alway supply blue marble tile,red marble tile,cheap marble countertops etc

Stone and marble floor damage causes

1. Settlement and tearing of the foundation part of the ground causes cracking of the blue marble tile in the face.

2. External damage causes damage to the ground red marble tile.

3. From the granite marble stone holding up to choose the carrera marble slab to lay the ground left behind.

On the one hand, people often only pay attention to color when choosing stone, and do not consider the difference in weather resistance and wear resistance between marble and granite supply.

On the other hand, the original imported stone was mostly marble. At that time, the processing technology of granite was not so advanced, and the color and style of marble were mostly elegant, which made the choice of cheap marble countertops for indoor use as a fashion. It is also a major cause of the problem of granite marble stone floor.

4. A humid environment.

The main component of marble is calcium carbonate, which will swell under the action of water. Then the looser part of the stone structure will explode first, leaving a stone pit on the white marble rock floor. The formed stone pit will continue to be pulverized in a humid environment, making the surrounding stone loose.

5. Wrong protection method.

In terms of the landlord and the constructor, although they applied the protective agent to the all granite and marble in advance, there was a problem on the ground. This aspect is due to the fact that the cracks and loose parts of the stone are not well repaired, and the back of the stone is quickly destroyed by the large water pressure caused by the humidity.

On the other hand, although the front side of the marble is also protected, the moisture on the ground will enter the interior of the stone along the cracks and loose parts of the stone, which will increase the humidity of the stone, thereby forming a vicious circle.

6. Wear and tear damage the luster of the marble.

Marble lower hardness, strength is poor, and therefore, the marble floor in particular acts more locations soon lose luster. Such as the lang, the foyer, the front of the counter and so on.



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