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Granite rust stone G682 introduction and case appreciation

The name of the rusty yellow granite probably originates from the fact that there is a rust point on its surface. The g682 granite belongs to a kind of granite stone. The national stone number is G682, the hardness is high, the pressure resistance is 123.3Mpa, the bending resistance is 16.9Mpa, the water absorption rate is 0.16%, and the density is about 2.7~2.8 tons/m3. Here is a brief introduction to the knowledge of 682 granite.

The sunset golden granite is mainly of odorless, black spots, rust spots, and rust points. The high quality smooth sunset gold granite is considered to be the preferred stone type for the outdoor wall, burnt noodles and lychee noodles. The paved stone and landscape stone that are processed are the favorite choices of landscape architects. The polished surface of the rustic yellow granite is particularly beautiful, which shows the luxury and nobleness, and the wear resistance is extremely high, which is favored by the majority of European and American customers. However, the shortcomings of new sunset gold granite are also quite obvious, and different color differences may occur in mass production, which affects the overall effect of decoration.

China's main g682,sunset gold granite tile production areas are mainly concentrated in the hilly areas of Fujian and Shandong. The rust stones in these two areas account for more than 80% of the domestic output value and output. In addition, the g682 chinese granite exports of these two regions are very amazing. . According to the classification of the area, the main producing areas of Fujian rust stone are concentrated in the four major areas of Shijing area, Putian area, Zhangpu and Longhai. The main products are Shijing rust stone, Putian rust stone, Zhapu rust stone, Jiaomei rust stone, Longhai rust stone, etc., the products are mainly named according to the production area.



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