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Honed marble countertops installation

Before honed marble countertops installation, we need to prepare the following tools and materials:

1. Silicone: repair the gap left after the marble is paved;2. Cement mortar: fixed marble countertop colors;3. Sand: the base of the red and white marble;4. Taro: Knock off the protective inlay on the back of the marble;5. Cutting knife: used to cut marble;6. Water: used to cool the marble after cutting;7. Iron chisel: cut the protective inlay on the back of the us marble countertops;8. Iron square and tape measure: used to measure length and straight angle;9. Cement shovel: used for paste cement;10. Wood gasket: Determine the height.

Preparation for cutting cappuccino marble countertops in the early stage:

1. The two woods on the back of the brazilian marble countertops are used to protect the marble from the ground and protect it.2. Place the statuario marble countertop on the mat, which takes about 2-3 people to complete.3. Use the iron square and tape measure to measure the size of the tumbled marble countertops, and then cut according to the design.4. Mark the measured orange marble countertops with a pen.

852b286f-db72-49b9-8bb8-4a20abda3862.jpgCutting the marble process:

5. Start cutting the honed marble countertops.6. The marble countertop colors should be cooled for a period of time, and it can be stopped for a while or directly cooled by water.7. Place the sill on the red and white marble and observe the gap around the marble.8. The marble details are reworked, remember to have a pair of ears that flow out of it.9. Cut the inlay protection behind the marble to remove the uncut marble inlay protection. Flatten the marble back with a cutter.10. Measure the size of the marble to be spliced on the window sill.11. Repeat the above procedure to process the spliced marble.

Making the base of the window sill:

12. Use wooden shim to determine the height of the marble base on the window sill where marble is required.13. Pour the prepared sand into the soil, you must not pay attention to not excessive, the sand needs to be sieved, and the degree of fineness should be almost the same.14. Smooth the base layer and the height of the base layer should be the same as the height of the wooden gasket of the previous pad.15. Cover the cut marble, taking care not to damage the underlying base. After putting it in, use a level to check the level of marble.16. Make a cement mortar by hand, and then put the cement mortar on the base layer.

The process of installing and protecting the marble countertop colors:

17. Cover the red and white marble, remember that the alignment must be accurate, especially the position of a pair of ears.18. Use a level ruler to quickly adjust the level of honed marble countertops. Fixed on the outer edge of the inexpensive marble countertops with a support rod.19. Fill the silica gel edge gap and protect the surface.




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