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About the polishing marble countertops,these maintenance tips of types of marble countertops must be learned!

Presumably,many of my friends' home washbasins generally use types of marble countertops or polishing marble countertops(good choice!).However,there are often problems with white spots on the green marble countertops of the bathroom;or problems such as lack of gloss after a period of use.

In fact,these are the phenomena caused by improper maintenance,so how should we care for pictures of marble countertops?

Why is the sink whitish?

First of all, let's talk to you about the reasons for the whitishness of our sinks, which are contaminated by two reasons:

1. Contamination of alkaline or acidic cleaning agents. Cleaning products such as hand soap, soap, toilet spirit, etc., dripping on the stone countertop will slowly corrode the stone surface, and the surface of the stone will appear white or even lose light.

2. Water and waterborne pollutants. As the surface of the stone is corroded by the alkaline cleaner, the protective layer of the stone is destroyed, and water and water-based pollutants penetrate into the interior of the stone, causing rust yellow and blackening of the board surface.


1, the corrosion situation is more serious, white spots or white spots are more obvious, need to be re-refurbished and recrystallized hardening treatment, you can find a professional types of marble countertops care company to deal with;

2, the corrosion is lighter, the color difference is not obvious, you can directly carry out the touch-up treatment, and apply the polishing care agent or green marble countertops color care agent on the surface layer.

Stone hand washing types of marble countertops method

First, the maintenance method of the sink is different depending on the stone material.

1. Granite sink: Granite is a very durable, elastic stone. Regular cleaning will help prevent water stains from getting hard.

[Precautions] If you want to remove stubborn stains, you can try non-abrasive detergents such as dish soap, and avoid using strong bases such as ammonia. If it is caused by iron ions contained in water, cooking utensils, etc., it can be removed by using an oxalic acid-containing detergent. Do not use bleach directly on the granite.

2, polishing marble countertops sink: types of marble countertops has an elegant luster, because the stone has pores, it is difficult to maintain the luster of the marble.

[Caution] Sealing helps prevent green marble countertops from absorbing liquids, but acidic liquids such as orange juice, lemon, soda, various foods, and common household cleaners can corrode stone, so do not use acidic cleaners on marble. To avoid water stains, rinse and dry the sink after each use.



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