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When does marble tile cost need dry grinding?

There are three options for choosing where to buy marble slab dry grinding:

1, no protective pictures of marble countertops

marble tile cost that have been glazed, mirrored, or heavily aged on the surface need to be opened before the protective agent is applied. The specific method is to grind the crystallization, sealing layer or aging layer of the surface to facilitate the grinding. Absorbent absorption.

Stone coating protective agent, in order to achieve good results, requires the stone to be clean and dry, the stone that has not been protected is easy to absorb water. If the surface of the stone is opened by water grinding, the water absorption will extend the construction period.

Therefore, if there is no protective stone, the surface can be opened by dry grinding before applying the protective coating.

2, grinding and polishing

The marble tile cost grinding leveling and grinding optimization step uses water grinding, and in the grinding and polishing process, the light is accelerated by the dry grinding.

The specific method is to grind to 1000 mesh by water grinding. The pictures of marble countertops can be added with little or no water to semi-dry or completely dry. In practical applications, it is found to be a practical technique to help the where to buy marble slab.

The reason is that during the low-stage water mill, the stone has absorbed water and the ground is moist. Therefore, it can be dry-grinded after 1000 mesh, and the heat of dry grinding can also accelerate the evaporation of water, and the stone is dried in advance, which is the crystal seal of the latter. Glaze operation saves waiting time.

3, wall, corner, countertop

The wall must be dry-ground because the wall does not have water-grinding conditions. Imagine the customer's beautiful living room, brand new furniture, and the hand throwing machine in your hand to pick up the water slurry...

The finishing work after the where to buy marble slab is finished, such as the wall and the corner where the large machine is out of reach, can be carried out by dry grinding. As well as lines, small areas of enamel, repairing marble tile cost, etc., dry grinding is more convenient.

Third, the small trick

Dry grinding is not absolutely without adding water. If the pictures of marble countertops is dry and whitish during the grinding process, you can add a little water during the grinding, which will be better.



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