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Method of maintenance pink and white marble.Do you know the uses of marble and faux marble floor?

Prevent long-term retention of water

After use the pink and white marble,the water in the sink should be emptied and the water on the faux marble floor should be dried. This habit can keep the uses of marble stone surface clean and reduce pollution.

Choose the right stone cleaner

Stone is afraid of strong acid and alkali. It is well known that clean stone can not neglect the ingredients of detergent. Generally, the cleaning agent contains acid and alkali. If the cleaning agent of unknown composition is used for a long time, the surface gloss of the stone will be lost, and even the lesion may be caused. For example, if the marble is alkaline, it is necessary to use an alkaline washing liquid, and the granite is acidic, and an acidic washing liquid is used.

Prevent stone surface scratches

Hard scratches and steel ball scratches will reduce the protective effect of the faux marble floor and should be avoided.

Protection has a time limit and needs to be replenished regularly

Although the protective agent is not a panacea, it is impossible for the pink and white marble to not use the protective agent. Even if the best protective agent, long-term damage to hot water, alkaline water (soap), various bath materials, there will be a decline in the effect, so the uses of marble needs our care.

Special circumstances such as deep pollution

If the sink is heavily polluted, has a bad light loss, the surface is aging, micro-cracked, broken, or damaged, it needs to be cleaned by a professional stone care company.

Under normal circumstances, the effect of the protection of the pink and white marble is about 1 year, and there will be different degrees of pollution and lesions in 2 years. Therefore, the protection is not once and for all, and the protection should be regularly applied. Small bathroom sinks, it is not recommended to professional stone care company construction, no need to waste costs, it is recommended to uses of marble care agent to paint. The price is not expensive, it can be wiped with a small piece of cloth, which can play the role of cleaning, protection and polishing at the same time, which is very convenient. The nursing skills of the faux marble floor are here. I don't know if my friends have GET to new skills.



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