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What are the methods of marble natural stone sealing? Can adhesives prevent marble stone flooring water spots?

In the installation process of marble natural stone installation marble granite slabs,it is necessary to ensure the true natural color of the marble stone flooring surface, not pollute, and also have certain waterproof measures. Currently, there are three methods for installing marble seals.

Method one

The air seam does not add sealant, forms air convection on the back side of the marble, and discharges the water vapor to the outside to prevent the temperature difference on the marble surface from causing the surface of the marble to not condense water.

Method Two

The semi-seam seal type is to maintain the façade in the position of no sealant. The façade has a good three-dimensional effect. In fact, the rubber layer is hidden inside the joint, but the thickness of the sealant should be about 6mm, but not more than The width, the width should be determined according to the quality of the glue.

Method three

Neutral seal silicone glue, which is a special glue for marble, seals all the seams on the facade, and the rain on the facade cannot enter the back of the marble stone flooring, leaving the marble natural stone in a dry state. Ensure that the marble granite slabs's flexural strength and shear strength are constant. To ensure that the marble does not freeze, does not alkalinize, and ensures the permanent necessary measures for the project.

Ji Yuan Stone believes that all kinds of stone, such as marble, will breathe spontaneously. We must protect the natural color of the seal during transportation and installation. Can refer to the above three methods, are very practical marble installation sealing method.

Can adhesives prevent water spots?

To eliminate water spots, the following must be done:

First, use quality qualified adhesive;

Second, choose the adhesive coating scheme according to the marble natural stone variety;

Third, the other aspects of marble stone flooring protection should be done well;

Fourth, choose the appropriate wet patch solution according to the application of marble granite slabs.



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