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A brief analysis of the six major reasons for the vulnerability of marble tile colors and white gray marble

1. Settling and tearing of the foundation portion causes cracking and damage of the surface white gray marble.

2. External damage can cause damage to the marble slab colors.

3. Picking marble tile colors as a ground paving, there may be hidden dangers:

On the one hand, people often pay attention to the color when choosing the stone, but do not consider the difference in weather resistance and wear resistance between marble and granite.

On the other hand, most imported stones are marble. At that time, the processing technology of granite was not advanced nowadays, and the color and style of marble were mostly elegant, which made the choice of marble interior use a fashion. This is one of the main reasons for the problem of stone on the stone floor.

4. A humid environment.

The main component of marble tile colors is calcium carbonate, which expands under the action of water, so the loose part of the marble slab colors structure will first burst, leaving a stone pit on the white gray marble floor. The formed marble kitchen wall tiles pit will continue to be crushed in a humid environment, causing a qualitative change in the surrounding polished marble slabs.

5. Wrong protection method.

For some owners and builders, even if they have previously applied a protective agent to the gray marble floor tile, the problem will still arise when the marble subway tile floor is laid on the ground. On the one hand, the cracks and loose parts of the marble stone wall are not well repaired, and the back of the stone is quickly destroyed by the huge water pressure caused by the moisture.

On the other hand, although the front of the marble is also protected, the water on the ground will enter the interior of the stone along the cracks and loose parts of the stone, increasing the humidity of the stone, thus forming a vicious circle.

6. Wear and tear damage the luster of the marble tile colors surface.

White gray marble has low hardness and poor strength. As a result,marble slab colors, especially those that behave more, will soon lose their luster. For example, walking in the hall, in front of the counter, etc.



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