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How to choose the right waterproofing agent for marble stone tile?There are natural marble tile on our website

At present,there are many types of waterproofing of marble stone tile agents sold in the Chinese market,both domestically produced and imported.These different brands of natural marble tile waterproofing agents vary in quality and price, and the difference is large. Some foreign brands have spent more money, but may not be able to achieve good white grey marble waterproof and anti-fouling effects.

Some domestic brands of waterproofing agents can not be said because it is domestically produced, its waterproof, antifouling effect is not as good as foreign waterproofing agent products. In the concept of selecting a water repellent product, users should not be foreign and light domestic. Don't mistake our country's water-repellent production and use later than abroad, and mistakenly believe that our technology in this area is not as good as abroad.

In the correct choice of waterproofing agent brand, the following is a little glimpse  for your reference:

1, starting from the practical

As long as the domestic brand of waterproofing agent can provide the inspection report of the waterproof effect of the identification and certification of the authoritative department (preferably the National Building Materials Bureau), and the inspection effect is not lower than or slightly lower than that of similar foreign products, it is best to choose the domestic brand. Domestic brands have advantages in price and are easy to purchase. When there is a dispute over product quality, they are better negotiated. The technical support and after-sales service of marble stone tile providers can also keep up.

2, from the price considerations

At present, the price of domestic waterproofing agent varies greatly. If the price is high, the waterproof effect is good and the high-priced waterproofing agent is selected. Then the cost of the waterproofing agent per unit area will be too high, and the profit of the enterprise will be relatively low. Therefore, when choosing a white grey marble water repellent, you should take into account the relationship between price and effect.

3, from the concept of environmental protection

The water repellents currently on the natural marble tile market are environmentally friendly and non-environmentally friendly. When selecting the waterproofing agent, it should be considered whether the selected waterproofing agent is harmful to the environment, operators and users.

The environmentally friendly water repellent is environmentally friendly and does not cause side effects to the natural marble tile, let alone the health of the injured person. Non-environmental waterproofing agents of marble stone tile have a certain pungent odor, and some even have a particularly strong pungent odor. Ingestion during use can cause lung damage, and severe cases can cause breathing difficulties.

Exposure to an excessive amount of such water repellent aerosol can cause skin irritation, dry and dry skin, discomfort in the throat, difficulty breathing and dizziness. Non-environmental water repellent residual liquid can not be dumped into the sewer, otherwise it will have certain impact on the white grey marble.



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