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Why should marble stone colors be waterproof?

As we all know,marble stone colors is a natural product that contains various natural chemicals inside.As long as the chemical properties of these natural chemicals are activated under certain conditions, they may be activated to decompose or chemically change to damage the surface of the different colors of marble, which greatly affects the decorative effect of the buy marble flooring.

In addition, the stone & marble is also very susceptible to contamination by external materials. If the surface is not properly protected, the external dirt is extremely easy to invade the outer surface and interior of the marble tile slab, making the marble granite tiles ugly, thereby greatly reducing the ornamental value of the big marble tiles. And decorative effects.

First, the significance of best marble tile care

1. Protect the stone from the erosion and pollution of various external materials, so that the stone will always be "the youth" and "beautiful".

2. Prevent various stone lesions from appearing on the decorative surface of the stone to maintain a long-lasting, good decorative effect.

3, to prevent the outside water and air harmful to the stone material intrusion, to ensure that the stone is still a few years later.

4. Prevent the generation of stone yin and yang face after wet construction and after rain, so that the stone always shows natural, bright texture and features.

5. Prevent the weathering of the stone surface.

6. The protective agent penetrates deeply into the interior of the stone, so that the stone is not corroded by harmful substances for a long time.

7. Resist the ultraviolet rays in the atmosphere and invade the stone to damage the stone and resist aging.

Second, the common disease of marble stone colors

1. Baihua. A white, grayish, grayish black, black misty substance that affects the appearance of different colors of marble on the surface of stone. Baihua's buy marble flooring disease is often found in serpentine green stone. Some Baihua cloths can be easily erased, and some Baihua are stubborn and must be polished and polished.

2, yin and yang face. A watermark (watermark) produced by the stone when it is invaded by water and dampened for a long time.

3, the surface of the stone is yellow or yellow spots. This kind of stone disease is common in white stone (such as American white hemp, large white, snow white), which has always been a big problem in stone surface treatment.

4. The stone is contaminated by oil or other dirt (such as coffee juice, soy sauce, juice, tea, chewing gum). Coffee stains on the stairs (stone: Aspen)

5. The color of the cement or adhesive penetrates from the back of the stone board to the front of the board to change the original color of the stone.

6, mildew occurs.

7, the surface of the different colors of marble produces moss. The marble stone colors that is installed in the damp area will produce moss on the surface of the stone after several years.

8, by the acid rain in the atmosphere to change the original natural beauty of the buy marble flooring.



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