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The waterproofing of the marble stone flooring is very important.Marble granite slabs and marble natural stone as well.

No matter which environment the marble stone flooring is in,marble natural stone will be affected by the surrounding environment. Among marble granite slabs,the influence of moisture is the biggest. Then, what kind of water around us will form a hazard to the stone? Outdoor is rainwater, indoor water, clean water and toilet water, while indoors use the most water in the bathroom, so it is very important to waterproof the bathroom decoration stone. of.

Rainwater, the damage to the stone is mainly reflected in the outer wall of the building, especially acid rain. In the winter, the damage caused by the winter melt caused by rain or snow water is also great. The damage of groundwater to marble floor black is mainly reflected in the ground stone. If the foundation part of the ground is not well treated, or even not waterproofed at all, the damage of groundwater to the black marble granite may be long-term. Installation water refers to the moisture in the cement slurry when the stone is paved with cement. Domestic water, including cleaning the ground water, bathroom water, water in the heating pipe, etc., the impact of this water on the exterior marble tiles can not be ignored. If the water is not treated in time when cleaning the floor, the water will seep into the gap of the board. We often see some ground that is wet around the board for a period of time after cleaning.

Some owners consider the cost of the renovation and do not waterproof the marble stone flooring of bathroom. In fact, every decoration process has its meaning. Some owners have ignored the shortcomings of the money because they only consider the problem of money, which undoubtedly brings a lot of inconvenience to future life.

When laying the wall tiles or marble natural stone of the bathroom, it should be made waterproof under the surface layer. Use cement mortar to level the ground, apply good quality waterproof coating, and then paste the marble granite slabs and other decorative materials. After watering, use wooden boards. Photographed to achieve a firm and tight seam. The surface layer of water should be treated to slope to the ground, no flooding, no water accumulation, no leakage after 24 hours storage test. In the spring and autumn, if the foundation concrete is relatively dry, the water drying time in the cement slurry takes about 3 weeks. Many of the original causes of water spots and rust yellow after the stone has not been protected or protected is the water in the cement slurry.

In addition to the marble stone flooring, the indoor bathroom marble natural stone is in the environment with more water around, and the waterproof treatment during the decoration can better protect the marble granite slabs of the bathroom.



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