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Detailed installation steps for marble stone countertops

In addition to the high requirements for the sturdiness and environmental protection of the plates,the italian marble countertops also have strict control over the radioactivity of the marble stone countertops. For a long time, people have mistakenly thought that buy marble countertop will have radiation, and there are some concerns when buying. In fact, the natural marble countertops have low radioactivity and basically do not cause harm to the human body. They are not easily attacked by oil and are easy to clean. So how do you install marble countertops?

Misunderstanding of marble countertops

In fact, marble is not irradiated. The imported marble is also tested by layers. It basically does not affect the human body. Instead, the marble glue and glass glue used in the construction may be harmful to the human body. This can be done after the completion of the air quality inspection. To ensure that if it is really entangled, you can also do radiation detection. The real radiation is a small amount of granite (usually used for outdoor, mainly lychee), and it is mainly dark red, and the home decoration is as little as possible with deep red. granite.

Generally, according to the style of the decoration, the wall and floor tiles are equipped with door sills, window sills, and bay window stones.

Generally speaking, the threshold stone and the window sill stone and the bay window stone are different in style, and sometimes the countertop of the basin can also be used.

When the interior is made of glass partition, the marble is recommended to be artificial stone, which is easier to handle, especially with the end of the floor. The size of the wood board that requires glass partition is very precise, the verticality and horizontal requirements are quite high, and the width is generally high. 2MM processing.

The reasonable installation sequence is: firstly install half of the bathroom side when installing. After the floor is installed, install the glass and install the marble on the other side.

1. If there is shape, the ground arc, pattern, line, especially the complex TV, sofa, soft bag, its line type and width must be handled on the spot. Natural marble has cracks and normal phenomena. The marble is repaired and normal.

2. italian marble countertops which is not included in the handling fee, is carried by the installer and is responsible for the damage. marble stone countertops generally includes material cost, processing fee, edging fee, installation fee (the installation fee does not contain cement, glass glue, cement material is generally for nail supply, if heavy brick binder is needed, the cost is higher, but buy marble countertop glue , curing agent, cutting piece, dry hanging expansion screw, insert are included)

3. Staggered pattern, try not to cut the 45 degree angle at the construction site, easy to collapse and collapse the natural texture. Light-colored marble, if you do not use dry hanging, it is recommended not to use black cement to paste, but should be used in construction with white cement paste, not color.

4. The door stone is in the room position, generally indented 2 cm. The location of the bathroom, generally the brick is lower than the marble threshold stone, need to use chamfer transition, more beautiful, not easy to explode, and safe.

5. Try to use the same batch of marble, and use less marble with mottled surface. The wider sliding door, especially the sliding door position of the living room balcony, if it is long, it is recommended not to use two pieces, but to do three pieces to ensure that the seam is not centered.

6. If the balcony or terrace is not closed, if there is a drain at the bottom frame of the sliding door (mainly referred to as plastic steel material), it must be ensured that the position of the drain is exposed or higher than the marble sill, to ensure that the water discharge is smooth and not poured into the bottom. room.

7. Steps include stairs, try to chamfer as much as possible to prevent injury. Be sure to hang the horizontal and vertical degrees before installation and mark it on the wall or on the ground to ensure that it is horizontal and vertical after installation. When installing buy marble countertop, use a level to adjust its horizontal and vertical.

Italian marble countertops are susceptible to staining.Use less water when cleaning.Regularly wipe with a cloth dampened with mild detergent,then wipe and dry with a clean soft cloth.The heavily worn marble stone countertops are difficult to handle, can be wiped with steel wool, and then polished with an electric sander to restore shine.



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