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Why can't marble mosaic tile floor become popular in China?

Marble mosaic tile floor are a kind of artistic value, appreciation value, and decorative products, but this kind of product has not been popular in China for many years. It is rare that large hotels, hotels, airports, and public places use marble mosaic tile floor to decorate. , Marble mosaic produced in China are mostly export-oriented, and domestic sales are not much.

Marble mosaic tile  are produced in Europe and have no relationship with China. Therefore, many patterns of mosaics are mostly related to the culture, art, and life scenes of Western countries. The lack of Chinese culture, art, and life elements causes Chinese people to dislike Western culture, Art as the element of the product.

The author believes that the upside-down of the market price and value of Marble mosaic tile floor has caused the marble mosaic tile floor bathroom processing enterprises to be less motivated. The market price of some mold Marble mosaic is only tens of yuan per square meter, and the profits of the processing enterprises are extremely meager. As for the high-tech mosaic, the price of one square is not ideal. The value of mosaic products is seriously inconsistent with the price, which deviates from the principle of value and price, which makes the production process difficult, and there are fewer and fewer processing companies such as marble mosaic tile shower floorwith high artistic appreciation. The photo in Figure 4 was taken at the Venetian Hotel in Shenzhen, where mosaic products are used extensively for decoration, which is rare in domestic hotels that are decorated with such a large number of mosaic products. These products were produced when marble mosaic tile floor bathroom were booming more than ten years ago, and now there are very few companies that can mass-produce mosaic products.

There are many manufacturers of marble mosaic tile floor bathroom. Shuitou, Xiamen, Yunfu, and Yixing once gathered a large number of enterprises specializing in processing marble mosaic tile hexagon, but most of them mainly use simple mold mosaics, and even many produce only monochrome marble mosaic tile shower floor. Technical content, lack of innovation, giving customers the feeling that this product has no decorativeness, low-end value, single color tone and texture, low artistry and appreciation of the product, and no decorativeness. How can this product cause customers’ attention? What about purchasing desire? For home decoration, the grade is low, and this low-end product will not be used in luxury houses.

Although marble mosaic tile shower floor has a certain technical content and the market price is relatively high, due to the cumbersome mosaic processing technology and extremely low production efficiency, a skilled marble mosaic tile hexagon production worker cannot assemble 2 square meters a day. Because mosaic mosaic takes a long time to process and requires a larger site for processing, the processed products will not be completed quickly for a while, which will affect the production of other products in the workshop. The comprehensive benefits of mosaic mosaics are low, and the production staff are laborious. Mosaic manufacturers gradually abandon the production and processing of mosaic mosaics. This kind of product has basically faded out of the market and is rarely used in architectural decoration projects.

Domestic stone marble mosaic tile hexagon give the author the feeling that the product is too single. Most of the marble mosaic tile hexagon manufacturers prefer to process granular mold mosaic products, because the processing technology of this product is relatively simple, easy to produce, high production efficiency, and easy Realize the mechanized processing of products. However, due to the simple processing technology, low process technology requirements, and many processing companies, mold mosaic products cause serious product homogeneity, intensified competition, low prices, low product appreciation, and market saturation. marble mosaic tile bathroom floor manufacturers are unwilling to produce This kind of product can be processed by anyone. Some marble mosaic tile bathroom floor processing enterprises withdrew from the processing of simple mosaic products.

Objectively speaking, mosaic products have extremely high value in terms of decoration and art. They are the most ornamental and artistic products among stone products, and they are far beyond comparison. More importantly, marble mosaic tile bathroom floor can digest a large amount of stone leftovers, so that stone resources can be thoroughly used, so that every point of stone resources is not wasted and consumed. In terms of materials, mosaic products are cost-free and have great significance. Regrettably, due to various reasons, marble mosaic tile bathroom floor are fading out of our vision. There is no major domestic stone company engaged in the processing of mosaic products. At some point in the future, marble mosaic tile bathroom floor are very likely to exit the stone industry and be affected by others. Material is replaced by mosaic products.

Mahanke products are good products with strong decoration and high artistic value. The stone industry should carry forward this product, pass it on, and make it shine to occupy a larger market.



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