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How to choose natural marble floor medallions to make the floor?

Natural marble floor medallions is mostly used in living rooms, dining rooms, cabinets, and countertops. The marble tile trim used in the outdoor, the international standard thickness is 20mm, as the indoor floor, the thickness is about 15mm. The foremen who have worked hard for a long time in the decoration have their own method of purchasing botticino marble tile.

  1. Choose the right color and pattern. When you choose a suit, you can ask the merchant to provide a sample, check the sample against the sample when picking up the product, request a small color difference, the pattern is roughly the same or similar.

2, pay attention to the environmental protection of stone. Today, with emphasis on green and environmentally friendly decoration, natural stone is increasingly reduced in home decoration. The prominent problem is radiation pollution. Natural stone has different levels of radioactivity, which is especially harmful for children, adolescents and newlyweds who are growing up. The radiation material of natural stone is radium. If natural marble tile trim is used, it is necessary to pay attention to the choice of less radiation pollution. First, do not use red, deep red, botticino marble tile, their radium content will generally exceed the standard; the second is to pass the radioactive detection, meet the requirements before use marble floor medallions.

3. Pay attention to the reflection of the stone. The reflective quality of high-quality facing stone should be above 95%. Consumers can use glass mirror as reference. The reflection degree of the mirror is 100%, and the reflection degree of first-class stone floor is 75%-95%.

4, pay attention to the processing accuracy of stone floor. Natural stone flooring is machined, planed or ground, and cut and cut. The finely processed stone should be neat and tidy, so that the marble floor medallions can guarantee the quality of the laying. In order to eliminate the irregular phenomenon, consumers can stack the surface of two marble tile trim when purchasing, to see whether the specifications of the botticino marble tile are consistent, whether the surface is flat, and whether there are defects such as lifting and dent.



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