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The three major functions of marble border,How to solve the problem of pink and white marble fragility?

Marble border line---also known as faux marble floor waveguide line or lace and flower line etc., is a decorative decorative line, the width of which varies according to the area used. Generally,some uses of marble lines whose colors are not the same as the whole floor are added to the floor moldings to increase the design effect in the whole home environment.

The Marble border line is mainly used in the living room or the aisle and other places around the ground. Generally, it is a decorative line around the wall of the pink and white marble stone floor; the width is determined according to the specific circumstances. The color is generally different from the color of the red and white marble stone, and the color is mainly dark; compared with the color difference of the where to buy marble slab, the floor surface method adds a line different from the overall ground color to increase the design effect.


In the interior decoration process, the wave line is mainly used to further decorate the ground, making the living room floor more varied and looks like a special artistic charm of some lines, full of beauty.

The wave line is equivalent to the skirting of the wall, but the wall is placed down to the ground. The wave line is mainly to make the living room floor more varied and looks like some lines of artistic charm.

Function 1 decorative ground

The role of the wave line is to further decorate the ground, making the living room floor more varied, seemingly special artistic charm, and beautiful.

Function 2 partition area

The wave line can virtually divide the space and enhance the sense of space. With the wave line, the space is complete.

Function 3 Reduce the cost of decoration

Generally, the floor decoration of the living room is mostly 600mm and 800mm. No matter how the shop is laid, the seams often appear. The one piece is too big, the cutting is troublesome, and the loss is also large. At this time, the wave hitting line just makes up for this defect, and the wave line paving is convenient. It also reduces losses.

To select the size of the wave line, consider the size of the space used. If the room is large, you can choose a larger wave line; if the room is small, use a smaller wave. This is because the wave line is to decorate the environment and emphasize the sense of space. If its specifications are inconsistent with the size of the room, it will look awesome and lose its beauty.

the consequences of the types of marble countertops fracture

1, dark cracked → cracked → broken → broken

Many stone materials, such as green marble countertops, can cause a lot of cracks even if they are not broken. The dark cracks become cracks, the fissures break, and eventually the stone breaks. The problem will get worse and worse.

2, follow-up questions

(1) Backwater, dirt and dirt

The cracking and cracking of the marble countertop colors will cause backwater, forming a large number of black seams, which will become ugly. Such a small gap, professional stone care companies, are difficult to completely clean.

(2) return to alkali

The crack will form a channel for the bottom layer of the polishing marble countertops and the surface layer. The water in the surface layer will ooze down, and the alkaline substances in the bottom layer will precipitate upward to form a return alkali. This return to alkali is difficult to cure.

Fifth, the solution

For fragile pictures of marble countertops, you should first find a tile or granite plate of the same size and place it on the leveling layer of cement mortar, tapping and leveling. Then apply the cement slurry to the back of the where to buy marble slab plate and gently tap and fix it. In this way, it is possible to prevent breakage and cracking problems caused by more than 95% of marble paving. A little trick to solve big problems. In the installation process, insist on tapping and knocking carefully and carefully arbitrarily and violently installing.



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