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Paving stones and kerb stone knowledge

Paving stones is the most common kind of pavers.The kerb stone is a square shape when it is processed,and many of the curb stone we see will have a bevel or rounded corner. Bevels and rounded corners are the chamfers we will say below.

Chamfering refers to cutting an edge into a certain slope, so how is the path along the stone chamfered?

There are many ways to chamfer the kerb along the road. The more advanced ones are fully automatic chamfering, and then there are semi-automatic chamfering and artificial chamfering.

Fully automatic chamfering is carried out by using a special chamfering machine. After setting the parameters, it can work automatically. However, there are not many manufacturers using this kind of machine. One is the place of comparison, the other is the usage rate. not tall.

At present, most of the stone curb factories do not only make roadside stones, but usually do all kinds of fire board, light board, lychee surface and other plates, and do all kinds of road along the curbstone. Therefore, most stone mills still use semi-automatic and artificial chamfering methods.

The so-called semi-automatic refers to the use of infrared cutting machine to chamfer, when processing the road along the kerb stone first cut the curb stone into the required thickness, and then cut into the required specifications with the cutter, and finally adjust the inclination of the saw blade It can be chamfered, of course, this method is only suitable for chamfering and not rounding.

The most common application of artificial chamfering is rounding. Generally, the 1/4cm rounded corner is the best. It can be done with a grinder, and the most difficult is the round corner of about 5cm. The rounded corners require a little grinding of the workers, and they must also ensure a uniform curvature when grinding, otherwise the paving stones cannot be arranged neatly.

At present, the most used ones are semi-automatic infrared cutter chamfering and artificial chamfering. The price of chamfering angle is 2-3 yuan/meter, the price of 1-2cm rounded corner is 3 yuan/meter, and the circle of 4-5cm is inverted. The price of the corner is 5 yuan / meter.

The curb or kerb stone belongs to a kind of stone, which refers to the boundary stone which is cut and formed by stone cube, and is used as the boundary kerb stones for sale at the edge of the road surface. The kerbs for sale is also called tartar or block paving kerbs and granite kerbs. kerb stones for driveways is the boundary between roadway, sidewalk, green space, isolation belt and other parts of the road on the road surface, which plays a role in ensuring the safety of pedestrians and vehicles and ensuring the tidy edge of the road.

According to the cross-sectional dimension of the kerb stone price, it can be divided into H-type kerbs prices, T-shaped block paving edging, R-type granite kerb stones, F-type block paving edging kerbs, TF type kerbstone suppliers and P-type curb stone price. According to the line type of road kerbs for sale, it is classified into curved stone and linear curved kerb stones. The fire-curved curved road along the stone can be used with the straight road along the stone. As the city's appearance changes with each passing day, beautifying urban space has become an urgent need.

The quality standard of road kerb stones: straightness: 10mm; adjacent block height difference: 3mm; slit width: ±3mm;kerb blocks top elevation; ±10mm.

The installation form of the bullnose kerb: the form of the block paving kerb stones has a vertical type, a diagonal type and the like. Walking on the road kerb, it is a simple and effective walking method to adjust the balance of the internal organs, which can increase fun, prevent disease and cure disease, prolong life, protect pedestrians, vehicle traffic safety and ensure the tidy edge of the road. effect.

The construction technology of rkerb edging stones was introduced from the basement of the pavement, the installation and the block paving edging kerb stones reinforcement. The quality requirements and precautions of the kerb stone manufacturers were summarized to ensure the construction quality and improve the road aesthetics.

The material requirements of the paving stones: the stone along the stone is made of mechanically processed kerb stone with uniform texture. The strength of the curb stone must be qualified, the color is uniform, the surface is free of cracks, the edges and corners are complete, the appearance is consistent, no obvious spots, color difference, Weathering is not allowed, and it is not allowed to fall, smash, bump or touch during loading and unloading to avoid damage.

Processing requirements of paving stones: cutting according to the uniform length, the exposed surface must be machine cut and polished, the length tolerance is within ±20mm, and the allowable error of width, thickness and height is within ±2mm.



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