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Do you know the importance of stone substrates in care?

Bottom light is king: this is in stone material to nurse the explanation to stone material bottom light in bound, the concept of light of stone material bottom that see its importance from this is marble slab material passes abratory way place to achieve brightness, namely pure use physics to polish means, be not the glossiness that achieves with the polishing way such as chemical crystallization

Original plate stone at the bottom of the light stone processing factory with abrasive module in the large grinding machine grinding machine from coarse to fine, smooth stone at the bottom of the light can reach above 70 degrees usually shop after the stone due to snip the discretion of the seams (difference) and fill in sewing glue, the need to grind the leveling polishing, contractor usually will now to complete the job to stone renovation company Because of wages and cost, stone renovation company renovation of low wages, marble polishing to 1000 # grinding polishing no longer, the stone at the bottom of the light is in 10 degrees or so, and even some simply grinding to 500 # stop here, and then use the chemical material throw stone bright (generally use the acid on the high side, crystalline powder or the crystallization of high wax content)

The brightness of the marble polished in this way is like that of a ten-story house built on a three-story foundation

The luster obtained by grinding the abrasive is called physical light, while the luster obtained by polishing the chemical material is called chemical light.

Practice has proved that physical than chemical light stone keep for longer periods of time, better wear resistance that explains why some stone shortly after dealing with the crystalline light back, this was partly due to low stone at the bottom of the light, on the other hand, also have relations, moreover, the crystallization of materials stone at the bottom of the light, the higher the resolution also, if anyone to do the crystallization of high resolution effect, must have a certain security bottom light do.

Stone shop is installed into the daily maintenance stage, often because of improper maintenance method and maintenance of slow cause the stone at the bottom of the light to wear on the one hand is due to the lack of the cognition of stone care owner, on the other hand also because accepts the service company, failed to provide professional opinions, formulate scientific and reasonable maintenance plan.

At present, in the crystallization material, if used for the marble floor at the entrance of the hotel lobby, water agent can only maintain about 10 days in general, cream can maintain about 30 days in general when the glossiness of the local surface drops to 50 degrees, it is necessary to carry out crystallization maintenance; If shine down to 30 degrees below, only by the standards of the crystallization method cannot restore marble brightness, then can only recover by shallow renovation stone at the bottom of the light (more than 30 degrees) if the stone wear very severe, moderate or deep renovation, therefore, be stone at the bottom of the light is not less than 30 degrees is the critical point of crystallization maintenance, if less than 30 degrees need renovation.

How to restore marble countertops light?

The previous process is using grinding sheet (4 inches) grinding, stone renovation is a demanding job, in the technical and selection of grinding machine grinding time Grinding when moving range and route is very exquisite In order to overcome this problem, small make up recommend for everybody gura o a product of the shallow renovation pad (17 inches), simplifying the stone renovation work, greatly improving the stone renovation of ease of operation, shorten the grinding time, saving labor costs.



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