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What should I do with the rust spots on the granite slabs houston facade?

The cause and classification of granite slabs houston rust spots:To treat a disease, the first thing is to understand the cause of the disease, and then you can do the right medicine. Generally, the cause of rust spots in green granite tiles is roughly: iron (Fe) and water (H20) and oxygen (O2) in the stone or environment are oxidized, so that rust spots are formed on the surface of the giallo ornamental granite.

There are three types of rust spots:(1) primary rust spots;(2) secondary rust spots;(3) Integral rust spots. The rust spots in this case belong to the first one.

The principle of stone rust treatment:(1) The ferric ion is reduced to a divalent iron ion by a chemical reducing agent, so that the yellow-brown water-insoluble ferric ion is converted into a colorless water-soluble divalent iron ion.(2) Stabilized with a chemical stabilizer to prevent the ferrous ions from being reoxidized to ferric ions.(3) Adsorption of residual divalent iron ions by a sticking method.(4) The residual iron ions are removed by a plurality of "water spray-drying" processes.

The treatment process of stone rust spots:1. Finished product protection: use plastic film (or film) to cover and protect the construction area and surrounding items. Pay special attention to the treated syrup and cleaned sewage. It can not flow into the flowers and plants, otherwise it will cause environmental pollution. In addition, two or three buckets are prepared on site, and each bucket is filled with half a bucket of clean water for use.2, clean stone: dry cleaning method to clean the surface of the stone.3,cutting block: the main source of pollution caused by the disease is isolated from the stone, to prevent recurrence after treatment and treatment. (If the main source of pollution is rainwater, the construction should be carried out in clear weather to avoid rainwater pollution.)4.Unprotection: For the type of solvent of the stone protectant, select the corresponding chemical agent to remove the protective effect of the stone. (If the stone is not treated with protection, if it has been treated with protection, DEC21 can be used to remove the protection of the stone surface, which is conducive to the treatment of chemical penetration.)

5, the right medicine: brush with a brush, hair, roller and other tools on the surface of the green granite tiles rust.(1) Clean the rust spots with granite rust remover (2-3 times).(2) Wash the residue with 2-3 times with Super Oxidation Cleaner.(3) Wash the residue again with versatile stain remover (2-3 times) until the surface of the giallo ornamental granite is clean.(4) After each application of the medicine, cover it with a white cotton cloth or a non-woven fabric to add moisturizing water (not to form a runny).(5) Cover the plastic film and flatten it with a roller.(6) After each application of the medicine, wait for 2 hours, open the corner to check the rust spots of the granite slabs houston. If the rust spots are all removed, remove the cover and soak it in the bucket prepared beforehand; if the rust spots are not cleaned, repeat this Steps to “prescribe the right medicine” until the rust spots are completely cleaned.

6. Remove the liquid: Spray the water on the surface of the stone with a watering can to remove the remaining liquid. Repeat this step 3-4 times until the surface is neutral (tested with PH test paper). Then dry it with a hair dryer.7. Anti-oxidation treatment: Apply anti-oxidant to the surface of the stone with a hair, and dry it, which can prevent the oxidation of iron.8, protective treatment: brushing composite nano-silicone protective agent (or stone penetration protection agent), need to maintain health for 48 hours at room temperature, for every 10 °C temperature drop, the health time should be extended 2-4 times. This prevents water from penetrating into the stone, which again produces rust spots.9. Clearing the field: Remove the finished product protection and properly handle the construction waste.

10. Notes:(1) Do not work under natural conditions such as high temperature, direct sunlight, or rain.(2) According to the site environment, segment protection, segment construction, and keep an eye on the weather.

Late preventive measures:1. Insulate the source of pollution and avoid direct contact between metal and granite slabs houston.2. The giallo ornamental granite is treated with protection every year to block the external pollution source from infiltrating into the green granite tiles.3, the external wall cleaning should use stone-specific cleaning agent, it is forbidden to use hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid and other solutions to pickle.4. When rust spots appear again, they should be treated with stone-specific chemicals in time to avoid the expansion of pollution and the increase of rust spots.



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