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Is the buy marble floor fragile? It turned out that this part of the problem! Different colors of marble in stock.

Many buy marble flooring,when coming out of the factory,marble stone colors are still good.After the paving, there was a large area of damage and cracks.Many people spend a lot of money on the different colors of marble,which is a heavy loss. It is understood that this kind of problem is very common, causing huge losses to many marble white grey and decorative enterprises every year. So where is the root of the problem?

First, start with stone paving

This kind of problem is mainly concentrated on the ground natural marble flooring or the bay window of the large board. stone & marble paving, divided into three layers:

1, the lowest level: screed

Mix the cement and the sand in a ratio of 1:2, add water to the semi-dry, the standard is not pinched by hand, it will be loose. Then spread evenly on the ground.

2, the middle layer: the bonding layer

(1) Cement fixing method: add water to the cement, dilute it, and apply it on the back of the marble tile slab. By the cement's adhesive force and reverse osmosis, it is bonded to the underlying cement mortar to fix the marble granite tiles.

(2) Adhesive fixing method: use special big marble tiles adhesive, or marble glue to bond and fix marble tile.

3, the top layer is the stone

Apply marble stone white or cement to the stone, tap it with a rubber hammer, and fix it.

Second, the root cause of the break is paving

A good marble slab types will be broken when it is laid. The main problem is the step of fixing and paving the board.

Third, the root cause of the fracture

buy marble flooring paving is not easy to have problems, and problems are generally marble. And the higher the grade of marble stone colors, the more likely it is to break and rupture. Saanna beige, Spanish beige, new sago yellow, gold line beige, silver line beige, and some very expensive stone, due to the natural texture of cracks, cracks, sutures, debris structure, the easiest in the paving process The medium is broken, so the installation process needs special care and can not be installed violently.

1, the knocking force is too strong

When workers are laying different colors of marble, many times in order to improve efficiency, when they are knocked with a rubber hammer, the strength is too great to break the marble tile slab. The rubber hammer is too big and will break the marble granite tiles. In addition, many installation workers are currently limited to ceramic tiles and artificial marble. Such materials are artificially synthetic and stronger than natural marble. Even if they are hard to break, they are not easy to break and break. Once they have encountered natural marble, if they use tiled or artificial stone. And the manipulation, the most likely to cause the big marble tiles to break and break! !

2, tapping with a hammer handle, etc.

In order to be more "powerful", the workers simply hit the hammer handle, even the wooden sticks, bricks, etc. when they were fixed. The force point is small, there is no shock absorption, it is easy to cause the stone to break.

3, tapping with a hammer

What's more, the rubber hammer is not enough, just use the hammer, the damage to the stone is even greater.

4. Heavy load rolling on the construction site

buy marble flooring has two indicators: compressive strength and flexural strength. Above this pressure, the marble stone colors will break. Therefore, the mechanical and heavy objects crushed on the construction site will also cause a large area of different colors of marble to be broken.



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