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The most ideal way to maintain best marble for flooring - crystal surface treatment

white marble surface: It is a chemical reaction. Because of the hard and dense crystal layer of the best marble for flooring surface formed by the chemical and physical reaction of the chemical and the turkish marble tile,the stone is not easily damaged, and can also be understood as crystal hard. After the hot saturated solution is cooled, the solution is precipitated in the form of crystals to form crystals; for example, marble calcification, granite silicidation, etc. can form crystals, also called crystal faces;

Stone mirror: It is just a general term for all stone effects. Generally, the surface on which the surface of the floor is formed by waxing can also be called a mirror surface.

At present, the most ideal curing method for marble - crystal surface treatment.

It does not change the structure of the stone, so it does not change the texture of the original stone. After the crystal surface treatment, the stone surface molecules are denser, and the gloss brightness is obviously improved, making the stone surface brighter and more noble. The principle of crystal face treatment is to use the crystal surface treatment agent (crystalline hard powder) plus the weighting crystal machine to rub the stone surface, and under the dual action of chemical and physical, the surface layer of the ground forms a hard and dense crystal hard crystal layer. The stone surface is not easily damaged, and it is not easy to stick stains to ensure the essential characteristics of the stone.

Marble face treatment

1, marble mirror tools: multi-function cleaning machine, red scouring pad, water vacuum cleaner, white polishing pad and other auxiliary machinery.

2, the use of pharmaceutical agents: K2, K3 crystal powder and stone maintenance agent, neutral detergent.

3, the specific steps: the use of multi-functional best marble for flooring cleaning machine with red scouring pad, the white marble surface crystal powder with the same amount of water sprinkled on the ground evenly, the brush machine should be horizontally polished, about 12-16 times. The greater the mechanical torque during operation, the better the effect. After grinding, replace the natural fiber mat with a small amount of “stone care agent” and re-polishing, which can increase the hardness and gloss of the turkish marble tile surface. After the crystallized marble surface is as smooth as new, the gloss can reach 80 degrees.

4. Note: Use dust to remove dust every day to keep the stone surface clean. Do not use a black wax pad to polish during operation. Do not use the scrub brush to clean when cleaning, but use a red and white scouring pad to clean the ground. The hardness of the ground brush is more likely to wear the ground, resulting in poor surface finish.

Granite surface treatment

1. Tools: multi-function cleaning machine, stainless steel silk cotton pad, polishing machine, water suction vacuum cleaner and other auxiliary equipment.

2, the use of chemicals: stone crystal hard powder and stone maintenance agent.

3. Specific steps: firstly mix the crystal hard powder with the stone maintenance agent in proportion and apply it evenly on the ground, then polish it with a polishing machine with stainless steel silk cotton pad until the mixture is dry. The granite crystal powder and the crystallizing agent are matched with the crystal surface grinding machine for polishing, and the physical and chemical reaction of the stone and the crystal powder under the action of high temperature is performed under the heavy pressure of grinding to form a dense and hard crystalline protective layer.

After turkish marble tile crystallization, it can enhance color and brightness, and it can also achieve anti-slip, waterproof and oil-proof effects. Each hard crystal treatment range is not more than 2 square meters. During the grinding process, it is often checked whether the stainless steel silk wool pad is filled with too much mixture. If it is full, it should be replaced immediately. After the crystallized best marble for flooring surface is as smooth as new, the gloss can reach more than 70 degrees.

4, Note: Regular dust removal every day to keep the white marble surface clean. Remember to clean the tools after each work, and the pad and stainless steel silk pad should be kept clean to ensure the work efficiency.



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