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The beauty of bookmatched marble stone

The beauty of arabescato stone texture lies in the natural simplicity,the natural arabescato marble change,the natural coquetry,and the natural performance.It is charming but not vulgar,stunning the world; it is wild but not clumsy, and it is slim and attractive; the rich with flowers is the gorgeous peony; the flower The hermit is the enchantment of chrysanthemum; the gentleman of flower is the elegance of lotus; the noble of flower is aloof of plum. What kind of beautiful things to describe and beautiful words to praise the beauty of white marble kitchen stone texture I think it is not an exaggeration.

The beauty of bookmatched marble stone texture is unquestionable. It has been with the development of mankind for thousands of years, and has been continuously progressing and developing with the progress of mankind. In the new era and new historical conditions, how to dig out the deep connotation of natural stone texture, reproduce the true aesthetic value and artistic nutrition of stone texture is the mission of those of us who "play with stone". At the same time, we have to seriously think about how to use these rare and exotic stones with the greatest value and utilization, let them be used "appropriate material, timely, appropriate, and appropriate", play their value, and release each of them. The brilliance of aesthetics.

Stone texture is beautiful, but careful processing is very important and critical to maintain and display the beauty of stone texture.

The full display of the beauty of stone texture requires the designer to have a serious attitude and work spirit for excellence, design patterns according to the characteristics of stone texture, and the material planning strictly according to the texture characteristics of the material to calculate the perfect texture display effect. Artistic contrast and rendering effect.

Natural stone, especially natural marble, is not as perfect as we have seen. At the exhibition site, the beautiful stones we saw were beautifully repaired after careful repair. When stone production enterprises implement industrialized production of these products, they will not be careful and careful repairing because of the pursuit of more output. Stone gluing is an important link in the production of stone products. It is also the only link in the production and processing of stone that cannot and will never be mechanized and automated. It has a high technical content, and the production workers have to work long hours. Skills that can be mastered only with rich work experience. calacatta oro marble Stone products are excellent in repairing. Stone products can turn decay into a miracle. If the repairing is not good, on the contrary, the miraculous becomes decay, and even high-value stone becomes worthless. Therefore, when those special texture stones are sold to consumers as high-end stones, the stones must be carefully repaired. Do not neglect the treatment of every defect on the stone surface, and take the stone as the best with the work spirit of "artisans". Perfect artwork to process.



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