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Why do European and American kitchens like to use granite countertops?---This is the answer

Granite has high hardness and good anti-fouling properties. Western cooking is simple and basic is an open kitchen, so natural granite is the first choice for them. According to a survey by the American Marble Association, granite countertops are the first choice for most American consumers' ideal kitchens. They think that the granite counter tops are beautiful and durable, and there are granite counters for better prices when the house is resold. In a survey of more than 2,000 respondents over the age of 18, 55% of respondents chose granite stone and 12% chose artificial stone. When asked whether it was approved that the price of a house with granite tops was higher when it was resold”, 90% of the respondents said that they were very or somewhat recognized. The survey also showed that consumers in different regions, genders and ages have the same preference for granite kitchen countertops.

Granite slab is igneous with visible crystal structure and texture. It is mainly composed of feldspar, quartz and mica. It begins in a liquid magma deep in the core of the Earth and is formed by millions of years of cooling and compression under a large amount of pressure. granite countertops cost is mined, cut and polished. After this process, it can be applied at home in a variety of ways, such as kitchen countertops, vanity tops, around the fireplace and around the bathtub and other custom designs. From the middle of the globe to the middle of the kitchen countertops options, the whole process is truly amazing.

Nothing can reproduce its beauty or match its durability. This is the most practical surface because it is heat resistant and scratch resistant. granite colors is not only practical, but also very flexible in the design field.

Stain contamination can occur, but in most cases they are caused by unsealed white granite or personal use of stone countertops. For example, soy sauce vinegar spilled on a light natural stone overnight will be very easy to contaminate, but how many of us have left pollutants on our work surface overnight? As long as the uba tuba granite is properly sealed and liquids and food are removed in a timely manner, your granite countertops colors should remain beautiful for a long time.

Subtle color changes on marble and granite are not replicated by man-made products. It will personalize your home and add a touch of character to the kitchen. As the light in the room changes, the color on the granites changes. The colors, spots and other patterns on the granite tile countertop run through the entire granite edges, unlike the average artificial granite with only one surface. These characteristics are also different for different custom countertops.

granite bathroom countertops is a world wide variety of materials, and its color is ever-changing. Engineered stone in all regions have their own unique qualities. The shading is from simple to complex, warm and deep. Granite kitchen counters can be matched to almost any sink and accessory, such as ceramic, copper, stainless steel and more. This is not just a fashion. It can be said that it has won people's love and has a solid track record.



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