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Travertine - Master Pei's Preference

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today we want to talk is a world-class architect.His works are spread all over the world.He is the pride of the Chinese in the world.he is the one Chinese architecture master - Mr. Pei Ming

Master Bay is 99 years old and has numerous works in his life. He is an outstanding representative of classic modernism. His work shows a sturdy and elegant character. From its earliest famous work - the National Gallery of the United States.

The Museum of Islamic Art completed in recent years.

Together they show modern classicism, solid volume, and clear geometric cuts. This clean and sleek façade, on the other hand, presents a delicate and elegant texture. And this texture is exactly. Master Pei's life's favorite – travertine

Travertine tiles, scientific name is travertine, English name: (Travertine) is a kind of porous rock, so people usually call it travertine paving. Travertine is a porous rock. Commercially, it is classified as marble. Travertine is a continental sedimentary rock that is a deposit of calcium carbonate. Since there are occasional voids in the process of heavy accumulation, and since its main component is calcium carbonate, it is easily dissolved and corroded by water itself, so many natural irregular holes appear in these deposits.

The color of the travertine stone is mostly beige. It is gentle, rich in texture and clear in stripes, which promotes the decoration of buildings, strong cultural and historical charm. At the same time, its main features as follows:

1. The travertine pavers has uniform lithology, soft texture and hardness, and is very easy to be mined and processed. 2. Travertine has good processing, sound insulation and heat insulation, and can be used for deep processing. 3. The texture of travertine is fine, the processing adaptability is high, the hardness is small, and it is easy to engrave. 4. The color of travertine is rich, the texture is unique, the special hole structure is good, and the decorative product is good.

It is these loves that become the master of Pei. White travertine is a kind of marble, which can be used as the main material of the outer wall, and at the same time directly used as the main material in the room to achieve the uniform design choice in the table. We can see that many of the works of Master Pei Ming have chosen travertine both indoors and outdoors.

At the same time, the world's major high-quality travertine producing areas are mainly located in Rome, Iran, and Turkey. The most preferred thing for Master Bei is the Roman travertine in Italy. For the preference of travertine, another work that is not mentioned is that the old man is located in Xidan, Beijing, the headquarters of the Bank of China.



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