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Super thin marble slabs tiles thickness 1mm with flexibility stone like a paper

Ji Yuan Stone can manufacture the marble stone slabs and tiles like a paper with flexibility,and the amazing thickness 1mm.marble and granite can be made as thin as paper,can be bent,and can even transmit light. It has become a new category in the stone industry, a light cavalry in the heavy stone industry.Everyone should know that the thickness of the stone we often use in construction is between 10mm and 18mm, and the stone with a thickness of less than 15mm is called "ultra-thin" stone. Have you ever wondered what it would look like when the thickness of the stone is only 1-2mm? Its surface is the same as that of ordinary stone slabs, and it completely retains the natural texture and texture of the stone. Each texture is unique, not imitation stone products.

Super thin marble slab can achieve a thickness of 1-2 mm. The rocks used for ultra-thin stone are shale and sedimentary rocks, which have natural layering. In the process of nano-treatment of the rock, the rock layer is naturally separated into 0.5mm layer rationally, and the 0.5mm glass fiber polyester is used for the back plate to strengthen the stability of the material while ensuring the thickness. The material can achieve 1mm thickness.

Natural stone is not a synthetic stone, ultra-thin stone, 100% natural rock surface layer, not an imitation stone product. It uses the stratification of the rock and nanotechnology to separate the natural rock from layers, completely retaining the ultra-thin stone. The natural texture and texture of the stone, the overall texture is natural and generous, and because of its natural nature, each texture texture is unique, not imitation stone product membrane printing product texture.

Its biggest advantage is that when the traditional stone has to be processed at a high price, it can be easily solved with super thin marble tile.



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