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Italian silver travertine to decorate Trump Tower in India

The interior design of India's first Trump Tower project was designed by designer Matteo Nunziati from Milan. This contemporary luxury top-level interior design project is located in two 25-story skyscrapers in Pune, India, and is a turnkey project.

Based on the high standards of Trump brand design and development, coupled with the designer's design, each home embraces the beauty of modern and Indian art and creates a “comfortable and timeless elegance”.

In order to meet the top residential positioning of the Trump building,Matteo has used a variety of travertine on a large scale, with uniform color and design language throughout the project.

Italian marble plays an important role in interior design, from the column of the lobby to the paving stones of the apartment.The silver travertine marble cover most of the walls, floors and column of the reception area.

Entering the lobby on the travertine floors, you can feel the elegant atmosphere, and the marble columns of different sizes have another sense of harmony.

The lobby is built with the concept of the art club, developed but with a rich spatial layout with ubiquitous artwork and light with the right benefits, high but not cold.

The travertino consists of two 25-story interiors with a total of 44 apartments, each with 400 square meters, 24-hour surveillance public areas, spa area with outdoor pool, gym and yoga room, two massage rooms, one reading District, a multi-purpose area, a business center and a room dedicated to poker, and finally an art gallery.

US President Trump expressed strong appreciation for the high level of interior design of Trump Towers Pune and said it can compete with London or New York projects and is the best home he has ever seen.

The interior design of the residence continues the main color base of the travertine pavers, giving the space more comfort with the unique texture of the fabric.

The use of large-area silver travertine not only makes the home space brighter and more open, but also produces a unique visual psychedelic effect in the dazzling sunlight.



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