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How to deal with white marble that infiltrates besmirch?

To beautiful, people can choose to use marble to undertake decorating to the bathroom normally, accordingly, the nurse of bathroom marble became the key of the problem, so, how is the besmirch of bathroom marble cleared? The following options are recommended

Solution 1: Is recommended to use stone material is special products, such as super concentrated detergent, PH value of 10.5 or so this kind of product can decompose organic pollutants on the surface of the stone, and can remove type surface protective agent, if necessary, cleaning agent can be mixed with decontamination powder, it can prolong compound reaction time, and will stain adsorption to the front of the medicine paste used in the compound, to test a small area first inconspicuous place such as a corner of the room, and make sure that doesn't make the stone material surface on dark flower trace remove minor scratches operation is simple, there are a lot of polishing powder for sale but use polishing powder, mostly need to cooperate to use polishing machine or single machine.

Solution 2: Recommend using liquid medicine, had better be two components of the enzyme cleaner, it can penetrate stone, enzyme and dirt and grime filter to a surface is especially effective for plant-based stain such cleaning agent can be purchased from good quality stone cleaner product agent if using this method the effect is not obvious, suggested that mix enzyme detergent solution and at the end of the household cleanser, like peanut butter sticky ointment may form until the mixture ointment to pollution, with plastic film sealing, seal with tape Keep 24 to 72 hours of reaction time, and then with a small bamboo wood dry ointment, scrape If necessary, can repeat it again Once the pollution is removed, it is recommended that the permeability with protective agent to protect the stone, in order to avoid contaminated again in the future Scratched at the same time, if there is a stain of marble surface need to be behind the choice of grinding mill powder need to determine the quality, it is possible that coal cinder brick soil sand paper or emery process may be more complex, it is recommended that is best handled by professionals Be clear for some 305 X 305 X For the board of 10mm specification, the damage of high-heeled shoes may also go deep into the interior of the stone, which may be difficult or almost impossible to remove scratches. It is best to consult experts for assistance.

Solution 3: About the stains around the tub and the edge of the window sill stone, has never been protection problems should be out in the marble, or maintain undeserved since performance mild detergent, we recommend to use a neutral detergent powder and mixed into a mud sticky mixture, applied medicine paste to the stone material surface, and then use the nylon pad friction powder in which the role of a similar kind of abrasives, helps to remove the surface of the obstinate stains if still doesn't work in this way, suggest using alkaline detergent powder mixed with clay, forming a powerful detergent solution, the rest of the operating procedure as described above.

When it comes to the scratches on the ground, it is recommended that the professional personnel to the scene view and effection to the marble surface due to polishing grinding usually need to use a liquid or powder products, or carborundum polishing pad, so please professionals to operate best can contact the local stone manufacturer or distributor, please recommend more famous stone care products, and professional processing.



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