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How does stone change from block to wonderful decorative building supplies? Don't say that the stone is expensive!

If you don't have a certain understanding of the stone industry, it may be difficult to imagine that the past life of the gorgeous and elegant marble is just an inconspicuous and even ugly big stone!

Now, with our smart hands, every piece of stone blooms with its most original beauty!

The mining, processing and application of stone is a long and cumbersome process. Understanding this process is very meaningful for the production, care and users of marble and granite.


First, go to the mine and turn around?

This is the home of decorative stone - mine, has made a huge contribution to the development of marble tile! The stone we picked from the mine, we call it a block. From the moment it left the mine, the stone has completed the transition from “wild” to “domestic”!

Stone Block

The stone that was taken from the mine (accurately it should be a stone) is like this!

Various postures, all kinds of blocks, stone blocks in the mountains and plains

How to use these blocks, I can't see the signs at all. Linking the palatial decorative stone with these heavy and sturdy big stones, I always feel sorry for those beautiful stones!

Very shocking, isn’t it?

However, the decorative stone is indeed “refined” from these stone blocks. These large stones are the “mothers” of the beautiful stones we often have!

From the big rock to the beautiful decorative plate, the first step is to be "cut"! And when it is cut, we become a big board!

Raw materials processed into big slabs

Factory processing

When the stone blocks enter the processing plant, it does not immediately become a beautiful decorative stone, but is first cut into a "big board."

Call it "big board" because it is "a lot" bigger than the decorative sheet we actually use!

First, cut into a board

Large blocks of stone, cut at the factory! Cut into 1-2 cm thick agate slab.

Second, big granite slab processing

Then, the big stone is cut like this!

Third, the surface treatment

After the stone is cut into big marble slab, the surface treatment is carried out! The surface treatment methods include smooth surface treatment, rough surface treatment, fire surface, axe surface, lychee surface...

Under high pressure, the plate is polished and flat

Polished slab

Rough surface treated board

The equipment used in the factory polishing stone is much larger than the machine used for stone treatment in our field. It is much heavier and the material should be very special!

Back mesh reinforcement

In some softer stone materials, in order to prevent the plate from breaking, it is necessary to make a back net for reinforcement.

  The reinforced big slab are sent to distributors around the world, and the distributors can customize them into different sizes and shapes according to customer needs, and protect the stone according to the needs!

Third, the big slab is sold to the installation


All kinds of finished stone are hung in the sales showroom! All kinds of finished stone, is not very beautiful! The finished stone is transported to the site of each site and installation begins!



We promise every finished product will beyond your expectation.

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