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Elegant And Unique - Blue Marble

Palissandro blue is one of the natural marbles for high-grade blue marble stone materials. It is soft and beautiful,elegant in style, ideal for decorating luxury buildings,traditional materials for art carving.

Palissandro stone Marble: light and chaotic, with high compressive strength and good physical and chemical properties, wide distribution of resources, easy to process, with the development of the economy, the application range of palissandro marble slab is expanding, the usage is getting bigger and bigger, People play an important role in life. In particular, in the past 10 years, large-scale exploitation of the blue marble, industrial processing, and international trade have enabled marble decorative panels to enter the building decoration industry in large quantities, not only for luxurious public buildings, but also for big blue marble home decoration.

The main features of natural palissandro marble: marble blue straight lines, good luminosity, faint lines, and the surface containing palissandro marble slabs always give people an elegant and elegant style. With its unique texture structure and blue and white background color, blue marble tile is used in interior decoration design to create a personality, agility, unique and fashionable style, and achieve the classic design of interior decoration!



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