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Big flower green marble is popular now

Big flower green marble is a kind of green marble,which has a deep and charming green color.It is as full and bright as jade and jade.verde guatemala green marble has been popular for a long time in home decoration.Especially white marble,The high cold temperament it manufactures is irreplaceable.However, its status this year will be replaced by green marble spray.Come see how beautiful this green marble tile is!

In the mood broad of many home trends,There are also green marble price figures.It can be seen that it will lead the trend of this season.

Dark green marble Wall

We have to say,display dark green marble tile on a large area on the wall,It is so beautiful!The irregular texture of the green marble flooring itself is matched with deep green.Let the space be like a gemstone.

Partial use is also beautiful, emerald green marble works well with other materials of the same color, or black marble and gray marble.

green marble stone pattern has also been interpreted as a wallpaper, which magnifies the beautiful lines and makes the material milder, reducing the chilly feeling.

Green marble slab bathtub

The application of light green marble in the bathroom is the most reasonable. Before the black or white marble tile, the appearance rate in the bathroom is very high. Now replace them with indian green marble to make the overall visual effect of the bathroom more impactful.

Green marble floor tile can only be used in the basin to fully express its beauty. Paired with solid walls, mirrors and cabinets to enrich the texture of the bathroom light green marble tile.

Green marble kitchen

Plates, marble coasters, verde green marble are also very suitable for expressing the art on the table. It is well matched with ceramic and metal materials.



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